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Introducing Ashley Kay - A Buying and Selling Home Advice Series

Rarely do we meet those individuals that stick with us, and I mean really stick. Between her humor, spunk, and zest for life - Ashley Kay well, just sticks!

Ashley and her husband Brian bumbled into an open house several years ago, and I have considered them friends ever since. Through their rollercoaster home buying process (and their ALMOST home selling process), Ashley provided laughs and honest observations that just cried to be shared. You might even recognize yourself in a few of her antics.

Please enjoy the Ashley Kay series, featuring a perceptive, frazzled, and always hilarious home buyer/seller:

**And don’t hesitate to send in your home buying or selling questions. Ashley Kay is always quick with valuable real estate advice!:

Hi Stella! You probably don’t even remember me, but I found your email in my inbox, and just wanted to send you a quick hello! We’re not ready to make a home purchase yet, I think we’re planning on being cozy in our condo for a while I just want to stay on your contact list, so that when we ARE ready, we can plan on working with you!

Funny that your last email talked about enjoying spring weather, now we’re on the downhill slide of summer already, sheesh time goes fast! And the purrrfect little Pine Cove cat (ha, cat owners are so funny!), where did he end up? We’re doing great, about 7 weeks from the expected arrival of our baby, so it’s starting to feel real, and my to-do lists are starting to feel too long!


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